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Pre-tenanted and complete properties can deliver immediate rental income, avoid initial void periods and provide a detailed payment history.  

These are the key advantages:

  • A proven history of payment from the tenants.
  • No initial void period and an immediate stream of rental income.
  • Administration work (gas safety etc) has already been completed.
  • Less hassle for the investor across the board.

Benefits of a Ready-Made Property Investment

Pre-tenanted property removes the need to advertise for tenants, mitigating any additional initial set-up costs and ensuring no void periods at the start of the investment. This also means immediate returns while capital growth continues to build.

A tenanted property also offers investors the opportunity to quickly identify a payment history and how previous tenants have cared for the property. This information can provide vital insights into the potential success of an investment, after all, a tenant that is keen to stay in the property is typically the easiest to please.

How Investors Can Capitalise on a Ready-Made Investment

By determining a ‘ready-to-rent’ development in the right location and targeting the right demographic, investors can immediately take advantage of the benefits of Buy-to-Let – utilising rental income while building capital growth.

Locations that provide local transport links, resident amenities in the area and proximity to exceptional job opportunities are ideal, creating a sense of place and helping retain premium tenants while attracting new waves of demand.

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